Quickness & Quality

with a tinting lapsus of 1 Hour and a significant precision on all Dot-Matrix borders.


with 18 years of tinting know-how.

High Technology

With Universal Black High-Performance Films

Satisfaction Challenge

with a final fierce look for our customer car.

Rely on an Expert

The Dot-Matrix borders, before and after our intervention..

With Dynamic Tint, we warrant perfect Dot-Matrix borders.

Admire our Expert touch

Lifetime Warranty!

Our Unlimited* Warranty covers the:

  • Damages, the detachment, the demetallation or the descoloration of our film.
  • Window cut’s precision or bubble forms;
  • Dot-Matrix borders.

Read our detailed Warranty Conditions*




*Tinting the front glasses is under the total responsibility of the owner/driver

Why Window Tinting by Dynamic embellishes your car appearance?

Installation quality on all Glasses Borders with our  High Performance films.

We have a wide range of High Performance films to make a final fierce look after our intervention.

Know us

Why tint the windows of your house, your office or your store?

With the wide experience and quality of High-performance, we are also experts in installing any type of film for architectural purposes, residential needs or shopping requirments.

For Security, Visibility, Privacy or Decoration? Dynamic Tint warrant an admirable quality, a considerable postponement of vandalism/theft attempts, a wide protection form UV and Infrared rays, a relevant heat rejection as well as a glare reduction.

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